YDC Ministry:

Most would consider the youth to be the future of our nation. At Victory Baptist Church we have a burden for troubled youth in our community.

The State of Georgia has provided the church with the opportunity trained and approved members to hold bi-monthly services at the Loftiss Regional Youth Detention Center. The structured environment at this facility provides the youngsters with time to reflect on life and the future, it is the goal of VBC to introduce them to our Lord and Savior during these periods.

While the circumstances are difficult, the ministry is fruitful and of the most rewarding of our church.

Nursing Home Ministries:

A faithful contingency of members visit the Belvedere Commons Village & Camellia Gardens Nursing Home each month to hold a Worship Service with the residents.

Too often senior citizens can be easily forgotten and overlooked by our society. This ministry provides Victory Baptist Church with the opportunity for community outreach, but these dear people always seem to give more blessings than they receive.

Visitation Ministry: 

Members take part in multiple visitation programs including soul winning, shut-in ministries, new prospect visitation, hospital visitation, and other opportunities to which we can serve in our community.